Friday, July 3, 2015

there isn't a bottle in the world that can't be made for about £10 [$17]

The astonishing thing about the wine business is that there isn’t a bottle in the world that can’t be made for about £10 [$17]. So there isn’t a bottle of wine that should cost more than £20. That’s what we want to do—take wines that others are charging £50, £100, or £300 and sell them for £20.

Other industry observers generally concede this point, and copious studies show few links between a wine’s price and its perceived quality. British wine writer Jamie Goode reckons that “a £10 wine will likely afford you a significantly better drinking experience than a £5 wine, but each increment in quality beyond this will cost substantially more.” Beyond £20 per bottle and the “cost of wine is largely distanced from production costs,” he writes.